Entering PPGLinC

Brazilian candidates

PPGLinC opens Master's and Doctorate vacancies once a year, with entry in the first semester. The selection process occurs, usually in the previous semester, from August to December and consists of 4 (four) stages:
  • Stage I: Homologation of registrations;
  • Stage II: Written evaluation (specific knowledge test);
  • Stage III: Evaluation of the research proposal;
  • Stage IV: Foreign language exam.
The number of vacancies fluctuates according to the faculty availability.

Foreign candidates

The offer of places for Master's and Doctorate degrees for foreign students follows the schedule for Brazilian students.
The selection will be based on the analysis of a research proposal presented to the Program and evaluated by a Commission formed for this purpose.
4 (four) vacancies are offered: 2 (two) vacancies for the Masters Degree and 2 (two) vacancies for the Doctorate, according to the availability of the program research lines.
Requirements for admission of foreign students to the Masters and Doctorate:
  • The candidate must be a foreign citizen, a citizen of a country that maintains a Cultural, Scientific and Technological Cooperation agreement with Brazil;
  • The candidate must not have a permanent visa in Brazil; and
  • The candidate has to prove proficiency in Portuguese, except when coming from Portuguese-speaking countries.
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