Language Acquisition, Translation and Accessibility

This line includes studies on the acquisition of oral and designated languages as L1, L2, and/or LE, on the difficulties and disorders that affect the acquisition or that result in the disaggregation of the linguistic system concerning both speech and writing. It also includes studies on accessibility, through the interpretation ∕ translation and the creation and adaptation of materials and procedures inherent to the processes of subtitling, audio description, and editing of audiobooks. The line also accepts studies related to the practice of translation and its relationship with language intermediation and recreation.


  • Antonio Messias Nogueira da Silva
Research interests: Translation and Language Teaching. Studies related to the practice of written translation, in its cognitive textual aspects, in the Portuguese-Spanish language pair. Translation and contrast (Portuguese-Spanish) of discursive markers. Studies related to specialized translation. Studies related to the Policies of Translation and Language Policies.
  • Denise Chaves de Menezes Scheyerl
Research interests: Threoretical and practical studies related to language acquisition and the teaching and learning of foreign languages.
  • Elizabeth Reis Teixeira
Research interests: Phonological e lexical acquisition in Portuguese; Portuguese typical and atypical acquisition (in especial, in cases of: Developmental Phonological Disability, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD, Speech Sound Disorders, Cognitive Deviance); Sign Language Acquisition; Bimodal Bilingualism (Libras and Portuguese); Sign Language Translation and Interpretation; Acquisition and Accessibility.
  • Fabiano Silvestre Ramos
Research interests: Emotions and language acquisition; emotion and signification; sociocultural theory.
  • Felipe Flores Kupske
Phonology, Phonetics, Laboratory Phonology, Language Acquisition (native and nonnative languages); Language Attrition; Interphonology;  bi/multilingualism; Speech production and perception; Phonetic-phonological contact, variation and change; Heritage Languages; Complex Dynamic Models; Ecolinguistics.
  • Gleiton Malta

Translation Studies; Text segmentation (linguistic and cognitive) for translation; Cognitive rhythm; (re)translation process; Training of translators; Translation didactics; Bibliometric Mappings of Translation

  • José Amarante Santos Sobrinho
Research interests: Translation theories; Intersemiotic translation; Translation of Latin texts (particularly Late Antiquity texts). Study of translation ideas in classical antiquity. Translation of texts with linguistic and cultural particularities.
  • Silvia La Regina
Research interests: Translation from/into Italian; retranslation;  audio description; Italian language acquisition; translation of linguistic variants.
  • Sílvia Maria Guerra Anastácio
Research interests: Analysis of the creative process of translation in different media; audiobook; subtitling; accessibility.